Below are some of my favorite products and programs for dieting and exercising, plus some recommended supplements and my dear friends at local businesses who help spread the word about my advice and writing.

It is important to know I only recommend products I both believe in and that have passed my personal evaluations. This means you can take a sigh of relief. When I recommend something, it means that it is exceptional, and has an amazing track record already.

I will never recommend anything that I haven’t personally viewed, read, or listened to. If the product is a physical product, I will never recommend it unless I have tried it myself, or someone I know and trust has. If it isn’t of exceptional quality, and I don’t believe it will help you, I will not recommend it.

My goal is to help you continually advance toward your health and fitness goals. Enjoy and let me know how these go for you!


ese-ecover-4mdlBrad Pilon has his masters degree in human nutrition and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. His trademarked Eat Stop Eat program has been featured all over the Internet and been seen on national television, and has helped thousands of men (I’m one of them!) and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and heal their relationship with food. For information on Eat Stop Eat that will help you burn fat while literally doing nothing, visit


The-17-Day-DietSince Dr. Mike Moreno first published The 17 Day Diet in 2010, millions of people have lost weight using his fast, safe, and extremely effective plan. Dr. Mike listens to his 17 Day Dieters as carefully as he listens to his own patients, and he is always on top of the cutting-edge research in the field of weight management. Using vital reader feedback and the latest science, he has enhanced The 17 Day Diet with three new chapters; 50 new, delicious recipes; and the ability to customize your diet with an optional fasting day. I lost my first 25 pounds on this diet and continue to go back to it whenever I want to change things up. It’s like a trusted friend. Find your copy and start losing weight today here.


71yf9ldO1ML._SL1500_Glass containers are favorable to plastic containers because of the dangerous toxins that could be released by reheating plastic in a microwave. These glass containers go for less than $40 on Amazon and are extremely high quality. They are oven safe and microwavable, airtight and leak proof, BPA-free and recyclable. Glasslock is FDA approved and recognized as safe to use in the food industry. Grab your set today.



300x250-AGR-246John Barban is the Author of the Adonis Index Workout, a specific method for building a guy’s body into its most attractive shape: the shape women find attractive and that creates social dominance with men. It is one of the programs I’ve used and trusted in my fitness journey and my male readers will absolutely love it too! Take a step toward your perfect body now.



300x250-VenusFactor-819Knowing how hormonally different men and women are, have you ever wondered if both sexes should diet the exact same way? Well, recent research suggests NOT. You see, science has recently discovered unique diet strategies proven to work perfectly with the female metabolism that help Women lose weight much faster. Check out these breakthrough strategies in today’s video lesson: Breakthrough Fat Burning Tips Just For Women



prod-lowcarb-3bottlesProtein provides the building blocks for lean, sexy calorie-burning lean muscle! Eating a diet high in protein, however, doesn’t mean eating the same boring, bland foods or pinch-your-nose, gritty protein powders over and over. Bio Trust’s low carb protein is, in my experience, the best-tasting stuff on the market. Plus, it’s 100-percent all-natural, no artificial sweeteners, certified growth hormone-free, includes 4 grams of fiber per serving, a time-released blend of 4 exotic, high-quality proteins, and many other benefits. Even a great-tasting, nutrient-dense protein supplement like Low Carb – which provides great nutritional horsepower on its own – can use some variety and some different dance partners from time to time. Get your hands on a bottle (or more) today and get a free recipe guide for delicious smoothies.

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“We are a fitness club with a punch, offering total body boxing and kickboxing workouts called the Power Hour. Our workouts improve overall muscle strength and tone, abdominal and core strength, coordination and agility and cardiovascular health. All classes are led by professional trainers.”


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Thanks also goes out to Jason Shaw of Audionauti for providing “Pioneers,” the intro and outro track to the Audiobook version of Fit Mind, Fit Life.

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