Barb R., Cherry Hill, N.J.

“I have learned a great deal from Fit Mind, Fit Life.  The program has reaffirmed why I have been failing in my fitness goals for the past 5 years.  I have used my work schedule as an excuse for being inconsistent with my diet and exercise.  I have found that Fit Mind, Fit Life is a sound tool to encourage me to get focused, get real and commit to consistency.”

Sue C., Cherry Hill, N.J.

“I had fallen off the wagon and just started looking for motivation again when I saw this and thought it would help psych myself up to begin again. I have to say, IT DID!  This is it! So thank you.”

Eli B., Falls Church, Va.

Fit Mind, Fit Life is a gem in a sea of self-help books that clearly and succinctly teaches individuals how to overcome the daily internal struggles that hinder their motivation. The differentiating element when reading Fit Mind, Fit Life compared to so many of these other get-fit-quick and dieting books is Kevin’s humanness. While reading the book, it felt as if he was right next to me, coaching me toward a healthier lifestyle, and making me laugh out loud with his witty and clever asides. This book was clearly written from a successful experience.”

Maggie P., Norristown, Pa.

Fit Mind, Fit Life is a wonderful companion to your health and fitness routine. This easy-to-read book contains a wealth of practical information that can be put into immediate use by everyone, no matter what age, health or fitness status.  But the best and most encouraging parts are when author Kevin Haslam shares his personal experiences. Reading Kevin’s words is like hearing them from a good friend. He’s right there cheering you on because he knows you can transform your life, just as he did!”

Shannon S., Trevose, Pa.

“I read Fit Mind, Fit Life at a time in my life where I had made the decision to live healthier, but hadn’t fully committed yet. Reading through the book, I could relate to a lot of the negative self-talk examples and realized the brick wall in my brain that I have continuously hit. I now hope to walk around that wall using some of the tools from the book. I have written out my quantifiable goals and how I hope to achieve them. I am ready to jump in! I hope to reference the book as I continue on my journey.”

Amanda M., Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“While reading this book I realize a lot of my own failures are a result of myself, my own mindset. After figuring that out, changing my way of thinking and mapping out a successful health plan seems almost too easy. I am excited to start this journey toward a better life. I am excited to have energy, to feel motivated, accomplish my goals, and actually be happy everyday!”

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